As Your Buyer’s Agent We’re Completely Focused on What You Need
As your buyer’s agent or buyer’s advocate we specialise in identifying property sites tailored to suit the outcomes you need to achieve. We are open and transparent in our approach and transactions, and are always working for the best interest of our client. Our diverse and extensive property development network opens in-roads to exclusive, off market opportunities. Importantly, we understand the sensitivity involved in buying property sites, and we’ll respect this every step of the way.
As Your Buyer’s Agent We’re Completely Focused on What You Need. Here is what you can expect from us. We’ll

Joint Ventures

Forming and Storming Relationships with Integrity for Optimum and Sustainable Outcomes
We bring people and projects together, specialising in property development sites and commercial real estate. We act as a high integrity broker between two or more parties that are each seeking a tailored solution to achieve targeted results. Joint Venture agreements are where our diverse and extensive property development network can add significant value, enabling you to reallocate valuable time, effort and costs to your other strategic priorities. We see business broking as an extension of Joint Ventures. We encourage you to contact us if you’re in need of a business broker that isn’t strictly a property development project. If you are a land owner, our first priority is to treat your unique position with sensitivity.
We will work with you, to achieve a superior and sustainable financial outcome. Here is what you can expect from us. We’ll
Off Market Development Sites
Helping You Secure Suitably Qualified Purchasers
We have substantial, diverse property development connections that are in the market for diverse, exclusive off market development opportunities. We will work with you to prudently target and filter prospective purchasers suited to your development site. Our goal is to achieve a fair commercial price along with favourable terms to respectfully transfer the interests of your off market property development. We will work with you to protect the exposure of your commercial interests and gain a clear understanding of your objectives before targeting prospective buyers of your off market property. Our focus is always on achieving the solution you need, with integrity.
Select Tenders
Bringing Qualified Prospective Buyers To You
We know the Australian property development market. We know people. We understand the development process intimately. This puts us in a unique position to strategically manage a select tender to secure a buyer for your property matched to the terms you’re seeking. We manage the select tender process to return lucrative and efficient outcomes, through shortlisting buyers most closely affiliated with the desired terms of the sale of your property. We prioritise, uphold and respect the protection of your privacy and reputation, while targeting and filtering highly eligible prospective buyers.
International Property Development Consultancy Services
We have decades of experience in Melbourne property development and welcome international partners to our network. While our focus is Melbourne property, we also have experience in broader Australian real estate opportunities. Confidentiality, discretion and our commitment to delivering superior outcomes, mean that we will always dedicate time to understand your needs, including cultural nuances that need to be taken into consideration. Our creative approach to structuring solutions, means that we can overcome challenges together, through looking at how we can best meet the outcomes you need. Our cultural principles are internationally palatable values, being focused on relationships and achieving success.