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“Very resourceful, well connected and understanding of the need to tailor solutions aligned to our clients’ needs, Bruce Barron of Westmont Real Estate is a valuable contributor to our business goals. Our company has an appetite for access to exclusive, off market opportunities and we look forward to Westmont Real Estate bringing more of these, our way.”
Director of an International Investor Funded Property Developer
“Westmont has delivered, and offers, feasible, off market opportunities tailored to the business needs of our international clientele. We were introduced to Bruce through a contact from his diverse and extensive network 18 months ago. As part of our own risk mitigation process, we subjected Bruce to our due diligence process. He exceeded expectations and we engaged him to act as a buyer’s agent on our client’s behalf. Bruce has taken time to understand our risk profile, and balanced this with delivering an outcome aligned to our company goals. Westmont acted for our client, in their best interests. What we particularly liked about working with Bruce was that if he didn’t have the answer to a question, he would find out. He was very helpful every step of the way. Our primary concern for our international client was that the agent was acting for us – the buyer – in our best interests. This is a fundamental cultural requirement that Bruce managed with understanding, integrity and sensitivity. It is because of the need for confidentiality on behalf of our clients, that I am unable to reveal my name and our company’s details here. Bruce’s extensive network and access to a broad range of resources, means that his consulting expertise is very valuable to our business. Our company has an appetite for access to exclusive, off market opportunities and we look forward to Westmont Real Estate bringing more off market opportunities, our way.”
“Thanks to Westmont Real Estate’s foresight, knowledge and connections – Bruce brought not one, but two buyers to us at the right time, when we didn’t even anticipate we were ready to sell. He engineered a perfect match. The transaction ended up being a win-win for everyone involved. Bruce is also just delightful to work with.”
Jodie Mitchell
CEO, Blue Hills Residences Pty Ltd.
“We always intended to sell the site eventually, but we weren’t anticipating selling at the time that Bruce Barron, of Westmont Real Estate, contacted us. Thanks to his foresight and connections, the timing was perfect. The transaction ended up being a win-win for everyone. I hadn’t considered engaging a Seller’s Agent. However, having known Bruce and his family for many years, I knew him to be extremely knowledgeable in the property industry. I also knew of his reputation for operating with high integrity, with like-minded connections. The whole process was smooth. Bruce made it so easy. He engineered a perfect match through having in-depth knowledge of, and respected contacts in, the retirement village and aged care industry. We even ended up with two potential buyers, thanks to Bruce’s extensive network. And the buyer has ended up bringing settlement forward 12 months. I would absolutely recommend Westmont Real Estate to others. Bruce is very knowledgeable about a diverse range of industries, and he has contacts and resources to reach out to. For example, I’m in the childcare industry as well and his knowledge about that sector is solid too. When I think of the qualities that come to mind immediately in describing working with Bruce – he is just delightful to deal with. He brings the right people together, at the right time and he delivers great outcomes.”